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Bobby’s Cakes

For cakes made with vanilla and chocolate custard:

7″ Round Cake 19.95 (serves 6-8)
9″ Round Cake 24.95 (serves 10-15)
9″ x 14″ Sheet 29.95 (serves 15-25)


Bobby’s Turtle Pie

A 9″ Oreo pie crust filled with a layer of fudge, vanilla custard, and caramel. Then covered with our famous salted roasted pecans, topped with buttere creme and maraschino cherries.

9″ Round Pie 21.95 (serves 8-10)

The Facts about our homemade frozen custard cakes pies!

Each of our cakes has a layer of vanilla and chocolate frozen custard with our special New York style Crunchies. The Crunchies we use are the highest quality and most flavorful that can be purchased. The Crunchies and a layer of fudge go between the two layers of frozen custard. We do not use cake as filler!

At Bobby’s, there are no tricks! Ask for a 9″ cake and that’s what you get: a full 9 inch diameter of frozen custard that’s 3 inches high, plus decorating! Most other ice cream stores advertise a 9 inch cake, but give you a cake that’s actually 8 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches high with an inch of decorating added on to make 9 inches. Therefore, you get 50% more frozen custard in your round cakes when you buy at Bobby’s!

For your convenience, we will always have freshly made 7″, 9″, and sheet cakes available in vanilla and chocolate custard. Cakes with flavors other than vanilla and chocolate require 3 days advance notice.

Having a party?

Pre-Frozen half pints of frozen custard available in vanilla, chocolate, cookies n’ cream, reeses and strawberry. Great for weddings, birthdays, family reunions, and office parties.

Call for discount pricing!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries $2-$2.50 each

The only ‘berries we use are jumbo California strawberries purchased from the Belleville Farmer’s Market. We hand-dip the strawberries in our premium milk chocolate every morning and throughout the day so that you are guaranteed the freshest and most flavorful treat! Please call ahead for large orders.

Caramel Pecan Krispy Treats $3.99 each

Seasonal Item: Spring

We dip a Rice Krispy Treat in our homemade caramel then roll it in our famous butter-roasted salted pecans. This is the same homemade caramel and salted pecans that we use for our caramel pecan apples in the fall. Krispy Treats are available in the spring only. If you like plain Rice Krispy Treats, wait until you try these – they are mouth-watering!

Turtle Candy $2.99 each

Seasonal Item: Spring/Fall

We take our famous butter-roasted salted pecans, smother them with our homemade caramel and then add a layer of our premium milk chocolate. We usually have Turtle Candies available in the fall, but we sometimes have them in the spring as well.

Frozen Bananas $1.99 each

Hand-dipped in chocolate-flavored coating!